Introducing CyberPay EUV

This year, FlexPay will be discontinued and replaced by a new product called CyberPay EUV (End User Version.) CyberPay EUV will be instantly familiar to FlexPay users because it shares the same foundation and interface.

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FlexPay is a comprehensive, flexible, and cost effective solution for performing in-house payroll. FlexPay's Windows-based structure strikes an excellent balance between incredible functionality and ease of use. It is used by varieties of industries nation-wide.

Quick Features List

  • Context-Sensitive, Online Help and User Documentation. Just press the F1 key.
  • Built in library of over 100 reports in Report Manager.
  • Reports customizable in Custom Reporting Module.
  • Unlimited Employees, Pay Types, Taxes, Employer Liabilities, Deductions, Benefits, Time-off Accrual Types and Pay Groups for ultimate Flexibility.
  • Handles Tips, includes Restaurant Payroll reports.
  • Handles pro-rated (blended) overtime.
  • Partners with Microsoft Office, exports data to Word and Excel.
  • Reconcile, and Data Removal Utilities.
  • New Hire Report.
  • Certified Payroll Report.
  • Built in "Pop-up" reminders for Employees.
  • Multi-state Ready. Handles Federal and State Taxes for all 50 states.
  • User Defined Fields with reporting capabilities.
  • Audit Log.
  • Workers Compensation accrual and reporting.
  • Supports State Tax Payments using ACH credit.