single sign-on access to integrated payroll, HR and time keeping

CyberPay Online

CyberPay Online v3 – now available – is a completely NEW application with single database payroll & HR with integrated time keeping.* Your clients can use it anywhere they have an internet connection. No installed software is required; it runs in a browser.

A true, single sign-on solution
HR and Payroll data is housed in a common, secure SQL database in the cloud. Data changes happen in real time — there is no waiting for synchronization. If you make an employee edit in the HR module, it is changed in Payroll and vice versa. HR/payroll data seamlessly synchs with time keeping.

You'll also like our fresh and intuitive new interface. The look will appeal to your clients, but the benefits are more than just skin deep. We've worked to create a streamlined and simple workflow. For instance, payroll entry is a simple 5-step process that will be easy for your clients.

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Below is a listing of the Payroll features.
For a feature list that includes the HR and time keeping features, see download link in sidebar.

As a bureau, you can:

  • Manage all your online companies. Go to any screen in any company and make changes. 
  • Add new users and assign role-based security levels. Choose from over 15 predefined roles offering varying levels of access.
  • View/delete PDF reports for any company
  • Brand the application with your logo

Your customers can:

  • View PDF reports
  • Edit their account information
  • Review and edit employee information
    • View/Change EE setup
    • Local tax setup included.
    • Adding/Removing Pay Types
    • Manage Employee Deductions
    • Manage Employee Benefits
    • Manage Employee Taxes
    • Manage Employee Direct Deposits
    • Manage Time Off Accruals
    • View/edit basic employee information.
    • View paystubs
    • View W2’s
  • Enter & submit payroll
    • Simple, five-step process. 1. Choose company & select dates. 2. Import. 3. Enter payroll data. 4. Check totals. 5. Commit payroll.
    • Fast, responsive payroll grid feels like a local application.
    • Grid can change dynamically. Add/remove columns, add pay types on the fly and do instant searches – all without refreshing the screen.
  • Review previous payrolls
    • Summary totals of payrolls by pay type, location, department, division and job.
    • Employee level detail of payrolls
  • Batch print checks
  • Print report groups

Your customers’ employees can:

  • View their W2s.
  • Get an automatic Email notifying them when payroll is run.
  • View paystubs
  • Edit their login and contact information.

Feature List


Get a summary feature list for the payroll, HR and timekeeping functions of CyberPay Online v3.


"CyberPay Online has been a very popular option with our clients, and it allows us to offer online payroll and employee self service in an age where web access to data is expected."
- Complete Payroll Services